fly fishingMosquitoes and Mayflies

Mosquitoes & Mayflies – Ep2 – The Act of Killing Trout

23rd December 2018

The most important skill for a catch & release fly fisher is probably to be able to cook good porridge. Much like the successful fly fishermen Frederik Hamrå and Johan Jonsson. Neither Håvard or me have any skill at that so we are forced to go old-school, catch & kill, In the second episode of this little series, we’re still by Parkipaiccajohka in Finland.

Finding food isn’t a problem during the arctic summer but there are other difficulties. During the second day by the river, we lost around 3,4 litres of blood to the mosquitoes. Not too bad, just about average for a good day of fishing out there.

I’m not sure this episode is so good. I thought of changing it or just skip it, but then I decided to trust Håvard. “I agree that the third episode is better, but there is more fish in episode 2 and people generally like that.”

Music used in the edisode: :
Found at sea – Sean Carey & Ben Lester
Oslo Undercover – Håvard Stubö
Jierma – Torbjörn Ömalm
Huhta – Torbjörn Ömalm
Jellivaara swing – Torbjörn Ömalm