Mosquitoes and Mayflies

Mosquitoes & Mayflies | EP3 | Finnmark

27th December 2018

Finnmark is a dry fly fishing paradise at the very northern edge of Europe. When Håvard and I arrived there was a strong wind blowing from the north and 7 degrees Celsius. We tried to handle the situation with a whiskey bottle and a cheap cabin. It turned out to be more difficult than I expected. You have different friends for different occasions, and Håvard is a good friend while fishing, but after two days in the tiny cabin I started to get fed up with the endless flow of jazz-references. Only an unexpected mayfly hatch could save our friendship.  

This is episode 3. Here are episode 1 and episode 2 

I go way back with this mayfly, Ephemera Vulgata,

To watch the mosquitoes die a slow death is perhaps the most satisfying part of the day.

Presented by “Flylords” and “Podsol fly fishing”