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The Far Side of the Mountains

9th September 2019


A week ago I was fishing with the super-musicians Kristian and Håvard. A massive rain weather forced us to drive down to the lowlands and fish for Grayling. This is a recap of the last day:

Spending time with Kristian and Håvard makes me realise how little I know about music. But they just looked me deep into the eyes and gave me the first lesson in pentatonic scales. And so I went home and made a little video where I tried to play the roles of Kristian and Håvard.

fly fishingmusicThe Mosvold Hotel

The Ozernaya

26th February 2018


I wrote this song while editing “Fly Fishing In The Anthropocene”, but it didn’t end up in the documentary. So I made a little “fly fishing music video” out of some extra footage from our trip to the Russian far east. It’s mainly Peter A Christensen catching various kinds of fish with some kind of mouse imitation. My wannabe musician project will from now on be called The Mosvold Hotel. Tajgan helped me record it and put it on Spotify. It’s been a goal of mine to publish some kind of music, so I’m very happy about that. However, I’m not sure if the song can survive an inspection without enchanted nature scenes carrying it up.


I’ve never seen a mouse looking anything like that. But they call it a mouse imitation.