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The Ozernaya

26th February 2018


I wrote this song while editing “Fly Fishing In The Anthropocene”, but it didn’t end up in the documentary. So I made a little “fly fishing music video” out of some extra footage from our trip to the Russian far east. It’s mainly Peter A Christensen catching various kinds of fish with some kind of mouse imitation. My wannabe musician project will from now on be called The Mosvold Hotel. Tajgan helped me record it and put it on Spotify. It’s been a goal of mine to publish some kind of music, so I’m very happy about that. However, I’m not sure if the song can survive an inspection without enchanted nature scenes carrying it up.


I’ve never seen a mouse looking anything like that. But they call it a mouse imitation.

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Fly Fishing in the Anthropocene

21st August 2017


The Ozernaya River winds serpentine-like through a remote corner of Kamchatka in Far East Russia. In one of the most intact eco-systems left in the Northern Pacific, rainbow trout eat mice for breakfast and the salmon run in the hundred of thousands. This bounty attracts two kinds of people; those who want to protect, and those who want to exploit. Rampant salmon poaching is big business on Kamchatka, and once the salmon are gone, entire eco-systems collapse. “Fly Fishing in the Anthropocene” explores how fly fishing can help protect the wilderness, and celebrates the beauty and wonder of one of the most vibrant places on earth.

(An earlier version of this film was called “At the End of a Rainbow”)

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The Color of Coral

25th May 2017


Pheasant tai2l

This is a story about the social game in a fly choice, hell, heaven, colors and the genre of music known as Jazz.

Pheasant tail
If you have to choose a nymph in a public fly choice it’s always safe to go for a Sawyer fly.

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The Field Coffee Diary – Ep3 – To Catch a Baltic Salmon

14th April 2016


The third episode, “To catch a baltic salmon”, is of course about catching a baltic salmon. It’s starts deep in the Norwegian salmon fishing culture but leads us to the Swedish rivers. The Baltic sea is a dark chapter in the history of northern Europe, but the salmons that still are alive is maybe stronger than any other lifeform?
Perhaps my very good friend Erik Spade describes salmon fishing best. “I don’t know, I just don’t know! I just stand out there and hope!”


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The Field Coffe Diary – Ep2 – From the Beginning

7th April 2016


I once had a plan to make a plan for the summer. But, I was as always forced by the weather gods to follow their plan.
Last year was the warmest one ever on earth, but it was not the warmest spring ever in Västerbotten, the rivers were high almost the whole summer.
The second episode follows my friends in Fiskonbäcken, I hook the biggest trout in my life and watch the sickest midge hatch ever with Emil Westrin.

The Field Coffe Diary – Ep2 – From The Beginning



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The Field Coffee Diary – Ep 1 – The Mountain Trout

29th March 2016


They say you collect less memories if you bring a camera on a trip. So I’m not sure what really happened last summer. But I filmed a lot of things, and during some cold winter days I edited my video diary. Most of the days during the summer I make a fire and boil my coffee, so I decided to call this “the filed coffee diary”. It’s mostly about the nature in northern Sweden, the slow drift of a dry fly and and the giant baltic salmon.


The first episode follows my friends Erik, Mattias, Acapulco and the half-god, Patrik Daugaard on a fishing trip to a valley carved by the legendary mountain creek known as Fiskonbäcken.

The Field Coffee Diary – Episode One – The Mountain Trout

Lemmel Field Coffee