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Floating Flies

6th March 2020


This is a 60 min dry fly fishing diary filmed the summer of 2019.

Big thanks to all the people that supported me by buying the purchasing the film on vimeo-on-demand!

It’s for free on youtube now.

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The Far Side of the Mountains

9th September 2019


A week ago I was fishing with the super-musicians Kristian and Håvard. A massive rain weather forced us to drive down to the lowlands and fish for Grayling. This is a recap of the last day:

Spending time with Kristian and Håvard makes me realise how little I know about music. But they just looked me deep into the eyes and gave me the first lesson in pentatonic scales. And so I went home and made a little video where I tried to play the roles of Kristian and Håvard.

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Gravel Road Trout

25th May 2019


I decided to make a film in one day, just because I enjoy making films. It was the 17th of May or something like that. I thought It might become something different If I made up the story and filmed at the same time.

Also, I’m working on my selfie game, I’m not really comfortable with that yet. But If I learn to pull it off I can make so much more films. I guess I’ll try more one-day-projects in the future, but I think I prefer to let it take some time.


The Mosvold Hotel

Shaku Waltz

11th March 2019


I sometimes make a song while editing the films I make. I just record some shitty sound in front of my computer then I send it to my friend Tajgan. This is the Shaku Waltz.


fly fishingMosquitoes and Mayflies

Mosquitoes & Mayflies | EP4 | In a cloud of caddis

17th January 2019


I and Håvard continue our trip through the Arctic landscape. When we finally get some good weather we realise we’ve chosen the wrong river. A few hours later we find ourselves in a cloud caddis.

To chose the most effective fly is of course tempting. However, it depends on whether it’s a “true fly” or not. Some say it’s stupid to have any rules in fly fishing, but I do not agree. If you strive for the most effective way to catch trout then the whole idea of fly fishing is stupid. But when your friend is catching one dream trout after another is hard to hold onto your principles. This episode is about the inglorious “Ismopuppan”.

Mosquitoes and Mayflies

Mosquitoes & Mayflies | EP3 | Finnmark

27th December 2018


Finnmark is a dry fly fishing paradise at the very northern edge of Europe. When Håvard and I arrived there was a strong wind blowing from the north and 7 degrees Celsius. We tried to handle the situation with a whiskey bottle and a cheap cabin. It turned out to be more difficult than I expected. You have different friends for different occasions, and Håvard is a good friend while fishing, but after two days in the tiny cabin I started to get fed up with the endless flow of jazz-references. Only an unexpected mayfly hatch could save our friendship.  

This is episode 3. Here are episode 1 and episode 2 

I go way back with this mayfly, Ephemera Vulgata,

To watch the mosquitoes die a slow death is perhaps the most satisfying part of the day.

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